What everybody ought to know about dish and cleaning gloves

Our hands.  Our touch. 

Our touch can communicate as much as a facial expression.

Our hands – like our face; like our hair; like our lips; or even like our voice  – hold the power to…




Why, then, do we not treat our hands with the same care as we do our face, our hair, our lips – or even our feet? 

Why are my hands not working?

Throughout our day, we repeatedly expose our hands to all manner of harsh chemicals, soaps, detergents, hand sanitizers and other agents that leave the skin on our hands dehydrated and irritated, often leading to ichy rashes and rough, scaly skin.  

Think about it the next time you expose your hands to dish soap, bleach, degreaser, oven cleaner, or the dozens of other harsh and often toxic products we come into contact with all the time: would you put these same products on your face?

Of course not.  

Yet our hands are facing a daily onslaught of abuse from chemicals that we wouldn’t even consider allowing to touch any other part of our body. 

Our shoes even protect our feet more than we protect our hands.  Why are we willing to touch things we wouldn’t even walk on? 

Our hands are one of our most precious and delicate ways that we express ourselves, that we connect with one another, that we feel others and through which others, quite literally, feel us.  

Do i need cleaning gloves?

Whether you hand-wash your dishes or not, you should own a pair of protective- or cleaning gloves. These durable, waterproof wonders are your first line of defense against dry, cracked skin, nasty illnesses and even chemical burns.

Dermatologists caution that hot water can inflame your skin and strip it of those oils that keep it soft and supple.

Protective- and cleaning gloves allow you to wash your dishes in hot water and keep your hands protected. Plus, you’ll be able to wash your dishes in much hotter water than your bare hands can handle, which makes the whole process go faster.

Need more convincing? Gloves will keep your manicure from getting destroyed.


Clean with or without gloves?

If you need to protect your hands (like when washing the everyday dishes) you have two single options:

Wash without gloves and expose your hands to hot, dehydrating water


cleaning gloves

Use dish gloves where the hands are exposed to a hot, sweaty, and isolated environment with direct contact with rubber that wears against the delicate skin.

Both options are troublesome for the skin. And the fact that we need to expose our hands to water multiple times a day (particularly due to the pandemic) is not in our favor.


The problem does not necessarily have to be limited to hand washing only, but there are countless industries that could benefit from our innovative HUD gloves. A large portion of these are the restaurant industry or cleaning companies, where the exposure to chemicals is inevitable.

Negative triggers:

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